4 Powerful Lessons To Make Your 2017 Amazing

4 Powerful Lessons To Make Your 2017 Amazing | Do you want your 2017 to be your best year yet? Well here are 4 powerful lessons to make your 2017 amazing.

There is something I find so utterly refreshing about the beginning of a new year. Being able to say that I made it through last year. As well as basking in the fresh new attitude of the possibility that anything can happen.

Although I’m not one for dwelling on the past. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t at least reflect back on what has come and gone. For me personally and it seems for many other people, 2016 was a tough year to say the least. It reminds me, of how much can happen in just one year. We grow, we lose things, we change, we love and along the way we lose people, but still the earth keeps on turning.

My inner optimist within has chosen to look back on 2016 as a good year, because despite the challenges. I have gained so much in knowledge and grown so much as a person through some powerful lessons. Not just figuratively but mentally in ways I  honestly never expected.

These powerful lessons have really taught me that all the adversity and challenges you face. Can perhaps be the greatest gift of all. As you gain something that no one can ever take from you. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty powerful.  

As once you’ve risen from the ashes, from circumstances that have forced you to find strength you didn’t know you had. These powerful lessons usually act as catalysts, which form your character transforming you into someone greater than you were before .

I think ultimately I’ve learned that these challenges you face are not there to defeat you, but to empower you with strength that we need, to evolve as people.

So this post is dedicated to you.

Especially anyone who found 2016 difficult. I hope this post helps to reignite something in you. To help you rise from the ashes like Khaleesi did in GOT…and she lost everything and gained dragons, so 2017 is bound to great right?

Here are 4 powerful lessons to make your 2017 amazing!

The Happiness Begins And Ends With YOU Lesson

Last year I poured too much of my own happiness into people. Much of my own happiness seemed to depend on my friendships and relationships. Which I now know will only leave you disappointed, because as humans we make mistakes. We let people down simply, because we’re not perfect.

So I learnt in the greatest and most painful way that happiness is solely and inside job. Knowing that your happiness depends solely on you. I think this is one of the great powerful lessons of happiness as no one can steal that from you. So don’t let anyone steal your sunshine, happiness is solely our own responsibility. 

The Power Of Following Your Bliss- Everyday Lesson

When I first heard this philosophy, “follow your bliss everyday” I was like what?? Going out of my way to be happy everyday, that’s extreme!! But when life threw me curve balls. That seemed to suck my happiness from me like a Dementor (if you understand my HP reference we are now best friends okay, okay).

One of the powerful lessons I learnt is that if I’m not happy within myself first and foremost. Nothing else around me seemed to work or flow. As I couldn’t give the best of myself to everyone and everything around me, which affected not only myself but the ones I love as well.

So when I started to apply this philosophy of just doing something everyday that makes me happy. Not only did it create a very positive shift in my life. It also allowed me to discover what I truly love, which I think is really one of the many important powerful lessons for the human spirit.

This doesn’t have to be a huge life altering thing. It’s okay for it be something small and can change daily. Just choose one thing to do intentionally that brings you joy. Here are some ideas; learning to play/playing your favourite instrument, creative writing, going for a run, playing a sport, reading a book, taking a bath. Anything that makes you happy.  

The Distance Doesn’t Separate People. Silence Does. Lesson

From personal experience I know that losing people in your life cuts deep, friendship and romantic alike. One of the many powerful lessons this has taught me is the importance of knowing when to let go. It’s important to never force something that isn’t organic and reciprocated. It’s always best to set yourself free.

Know your worth and realise you deserve better. That fighting for someone is and never will be worth losing yourself over. On the flip side this can also mean something really beautiful. As the previous year has shown me that distance is truly irrelevant. It’s the commitment and bond people share which keeps relationships blossoming.  

 The Take 100% Responsibility Of Your Life Lesson

This is one of the many powerful lessons I learnt through reading the book called The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. Which is a recommended read of mine. This teaching can come across as quite provocative at first glance. But once you have fully grasped and mastered it, it’s super powerful.

He bases this teaching on the foundation that it is not our external factors that dictate our life. But it is ourselves who control the quality of our lives  by creating or allowing experiences. Meaning there is no place in your life for blaming and complaining. Which summed up means that if you want a different result you have to create change. So in the great words of DJ Khaled “don’t ever play yourself”.
What powerful lessons has 2016 taught you? I would love to know!



  1. Jared Tam
    February 5, 2017 / 11:32 am

    Hi there, I check your new stuff like every week.
    Your humoristic style is awesome, keep doing you 🙂

    • tyramarie
      February 12, 2017 / 2:45 pm

      thank you Jared 🙂 I appreciate it!

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