Here are 12 achievable goals, to help grow a better you: mind, body and soul. Now has always been the perfect time! Whether it's today or December 31st.


To keep it real with you guy’s I feel like I have honestly been more organised in the last two days than I have been in my entire life *inserts see-no-evil monkey emoji*.

I’ve quickly realised that blogging is a lot more time demanding than I first thought. In saying this I am not complaining at all. I really love having this creative outlet.

I definitely have a newfound respect for content creators, and if 2017 has taught me anything so far. It is that a goal without a plan is just a wish. It’s imperative to take action.

So this is typically the time of year, where if anybody asks about new year’s resolutions we are more likely to reply “new phone who dis?”, because they have gone out the window. I too know this feeling all too well.

Here are 12 achievable goals, to help grow a better you: mind, body and soul. Now has always been the perfect time! Whether it's today or December 31st.

But one thing you should know about me is that I am a huge advocate of setting goals and chasing them. Of course you’ll face fears and challenges, but it’s important to remember obstacles are there to strengthen and grow you with qualities you’ll need to maintain your dream. Like the saying says  “nothing worth having ever comes easy” it makes the reward that much sweeter. I believe if it is something you can’t go a day without thinking about. You owe it to yourself to at the very least give it your best shot.

So I thought I would share with you all 12 achievable goals, to help grow a better you: mind, body and soul. It’s never too late to start whether it be now or December 31st. The secret truly is too just get started.

Because now has always been the perfect time!


  • Read one book every month-first on my list, The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.
  • Practice positive affirmations and self talk (I can’t stress enough how important this!) “Be as kind to yourself as you are to others” when I first heard this quote it struck something in me.Are you really as kind to yourself as you are to the ones you love? If you wouldn’t dare say something belittling to a stranger on the street, you deserve the same courtesy and definitely much more love. Be kind to yourself. Always.
  • Make a list of 10 things you are grateful for everyday  (one of the best ways to feel good now,fact!)
  • Meditate –  This is something I really want to make a habit. As taking the time to be present in the now is so incredibly beneficial for the mind. From better focus, higher immunity  to an overall higher mental health well being. When was the last time you gave yourself time to actually slow down and be still?


  • Get more sleep- Just like meditation the benefits of having a healthy sleep schedule are super beneficial to your well being. As a healthy sleep schedule is linked to better moods, healthier skin, prevent migraines and higher concentration levels.
  • Drink more water – treat yo self and reap the amazing benefits of hydration. Such as increased energy levels, cleans your body of toxins and of course amazing skin!! What’s not to love?
  • Move Your Body- Whether you’re a veteran marathon runner or this is your first rodeo- just get your body moving and exercise. Being able to have a body that works and gets you out of bed in the morning is a huge blessing. Treat it right, because at the end of the day you only get one. 
  • Love Yourself- Yep right now, completely as you are. You may not be where you want to be, but you have the power to change that. You’re body has gotten you this far and has kept you alive. That’s a blessing within itself. Love yourself, now.


  • Find a creative outlet- whether it be artistic, sport, hobby or playing an instrument find something you love and just do it!
  • Learn a new language-  There’s so many beautifully diverse culture’s in our world. Get outside your comfort zone and learn something new! For me I have always wanted to learn Portuguese!
  • Give back in any way you can- Whether it’s donating to an organisation that’s close to your heart or being a hands on volunteer in your community. There’s something so humbly rewarding when you help those who are vulnerable. Lord knows this world needs more more love and kindness. I think giving back in any way you can is a huge reminder that there is a world outside of our own needs. 
  • Write – I can’t express how powerfully nourishing for the soul this can be. There’s so much power in just putting pen to paper ( or fingers to keyboard ) that allows you to express yourself. Write about your day, something that’s going on in your life or the first thought that comes to your mind. It is wonderfully freeing!

What are your goals for this year?


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  1. tyramarie
    March 14, 2017 / 7:31 am

    Thank you Alam! I appreciate it 🙂

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